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Geraldine Georgeou

B. Sc. Nutr. M.Sc. Nutr & Diet. Accredited Practising Dietitian, Consultant Dietitian, Nutritionist, Author


Improve gut health for glowing skin

The gut is the axis on which the rest of our health - and skin - pivots. Managing our diet to feed the right balance of good bacteria in the gut enables a cascade of signals to support healthy skin.


Adopt an anti-inflammatory eating style

Inflammation is an overused and  misunderstood term describing 'dysbiosis'. This lack of balance is linked to allergies, eczema and inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea and acne.


Ease insulin resistance with balance  

There is a common theme between your skin, hormones and insulin function. How your hormones respond to what you eat can exacerbate underlying insulin resistance and may explain some skin conditions. 


Evidence-based skin treatment through diet

As a science-led specialist who partners with medical experts, I rely on peer-reviewed research to make nutrition and dietary recommendations. This book is not a diagnostic tool, nor a substitute for medical advice.  

Therapy Sessions
The Australian Healthy Skin Diet by Geraldine Georgeou 

This no-nonsense introduction to the body's skin and gut systems is for anyone looking for easy-to-read advice and deliciously inspiring recipes to help, or even heal, your skin.  It includes 4 weeks of menu plans, case histories of real-life patients who have improved acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, PCOS, rosacea, hives and hidradenitis suppurativa through a holistic approach to nutrition. 

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About me

I work with dermatologists, endocrinologists and gastroenterologists to address nutrition. New scientific research continues to emerge to reveal the true impact of insulin resistance, inflammation, polycystic ovarian syndrome, gluten intolerance, coeliac disease and the way food chemicals affect the skin. I am passionate about helping others discover the true power behind nutrition to improve overall health.

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Geraldine Georgeou is a respected nutrition commentator available for media, speaking and personal dietary consultations.

This is the BEST book you could buy for your daughters or sons, or any teenager. And it's a more subtle way of getting them to eat for health and wellbeing.

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller

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